Welcome to British Cars of Bucks County!

We’re some five years into being a club – how time flies when you’re having fun! From four guys with MGB’s meeting in a parking lot and hoping someone else will buy the coffee, we’ve grown into a club with 50+ mile driving events.

No trailer queens here! Our cars range from some a concourse-quality TR-3, a few lovely MGA’s, and a TD, plus we drive B’s, C’s, Midgets, Bugeyes, (real) Mini-Coopers, Alfa’s, and Porsches. The goal is to have fun, and we make a special effort to ensure that the fun means events and gatherings that include our wives, girlfriends, children, and grandchildren.

We’re a group of both retired and working car enthusiasts who refuse to grow old, and assume we can get our hearts and knees tweaked as easily as our SU’s. Members receive a professionally written monthly newsletter that includes club news, color photos of cars and members, future club events, British/vintage car shows, competent mechanics, and reputable parts suppliers. We’re hoping you join us ; where else can you have a social life and meet new friends while driving your LBC?? See you at our next Cars & Coffee!!

To join BCBC, please email us: ajlubin@earthlink.net

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