British Cars of Bucks County 

Newsletter #43  

May 8, 2022 

Our Next Event:  

May 14: Cars & Coffee!!  

Morrisville, PA  

w/ Tech Q & A by our British car expert Paul Barnes  

My apologies for the recent dearth of newsletters; the combination of my Penn  State-Abington classes and how much effort is needed to build a functioning  government in Morrisville is far more than I ever expected. But we’ve now got an  awesome program planned, great driving weather has returned, and BCBC is ready  to rock 2022! 

Welcome Aboard!! 

A hearty BCBC welcome to our newest members: 

∙ Ms Jean Aloe; Doylestown, MGB 

∙ Mike Turturro, Doylestown, MGB 

∙ Tom & Erin Maguire, Yardley, MGB  

∙ Bob & Janet Factor, Upper Black Eddy, NJ, MGB 

∙ Greg Dupay, Morrisville, TR-3  


Commander-select Todd O’Brian, US Coast Guard, who will soon be promoted to  Commander. An awesome career, and thank you for your service! 

Recent Events: 

Feb 12. Breakfast Drive to Lumberville General Store 

Our 2022 Kick-off event; great driving weather and good friends! Leaving from 

Wash Crossing Park, Mike S, Jeff C, Rich, Marc, Marty, Larry R, Larry T &  nephew Chas, Bob B, Gerard & Lori, Jeff & Mary D, and Andy L welcomed new members Jean Aloe and Tom & Erin Maguire to an awesome outdoor brunch. This  is fast becoming our go-to breakfast drive!  

April 9, Cars & Coffee, Washington Crossing Park: As the BCBC hardcore  ignored the threat of rain to enjoy Tom Maguire’s coffee, the temps suddenly  dropped, the skies darkened, and the skies opened. This enabled Jeff D, Mike S,  Larry R, Brendan, Marty, Tom, and Andy L to pretend they enjoyed standing in  the chilly, drenching rain. Especially enjoying the event was Andy L, whose  convertible top was resting safe and dry on his porch, since it was sunny when he  left for the C & C only 30 minutes earlier.  

April 23; Breakfast @ Nutts: 

Jeff & Mary D took advantage of a surprisingly nice day and semper-gumbeyed a  last-second breakfast drive to Nutts (Wash Crossing, NJ), joined by Roger  Williams and Tom & Erin Maguire. Rumor has it the talk turned to local wineries,  which promoted Jeff & Mary to trek across the New Hope-Lambertville bridge on  their way to the Bishop Estates Winery, just west of Dublin. Music – munchies wine; it sounds like a future BCBC event! 

Club Notes: 

-Our Cars & Coffee SOP: 

We’ve kept our dues the same for the past five years because of your awesome  response to our calls for volunteers and assistance. That includes our C & C’s. If 

you’ve been attending the C & C’s, but not hosting, now’s your time to step  up…except for Tom, who hosted the last one, and Brendan, who’s already  volunteered for this week’s event. As Wilfred Brimsley used to say “It’s the right  thing to do.” Contact Andy L to get on the list. 

2- BCBC Apparel:  

∙ 2 gray T’s w/logo; XL, L 

∙ 1 Blue BCBC logo’d polo shirt, L 

Contact Andy L today 

Upcoming Events: 

May 14: C & C/Tech Q & A: Our usual Morrisville spot 0830-1000  

 15: LBC’s at LBC! A joint event w/DelVal Triumph at Langhorne Brewery  Co,, 0930-1100, with real food and drink after 1100. See flyer below for details.  Langhorne Brewery @ 1558 W. Maple Ave. Langhorne 

 20: Motors & Movies! Edgewood School, Yardley, 5pm – ??, Liaise with  Marc or Tom & Erin if any questions. This is Edgewood’s first event; let’s help  them make it a success!! 

 30: LMT Memorial Day Parade! The VFW has again invited us to  participate, plus drive any vets who might attend. I need a headcount of interested  drivers to help the VFW plan; please RSVP ASAP. 

June 11: Hope Lodge Show; Fort Washington, PA, https://w!event-register/2022/6/4/cars-motorcycles-of-england  18: Driving event. Destination and times TBA 

July 2: Rebels vs Redcoats! Washington Crossing Park, Details TBA

 24: VFW Show! Yardley VFW. Details TBA 

Aug 14: New Hope Classic Car Show. Details TBA. But since most of us no  longer attend New Hope, we’re going to have two BCBC events of our own!  

 ___ Driving Event – Details TBA 

 ___ Driving Event – Details TBA 

Sept: BCBC Mayor’s Day Car Show Picnic! Williamson Park, Morrisville   4 or 5: BCBC Labor Day Party at Marc & Mary Waldman’s.  ____ Driving Event –TBA 

Oct 1: BCBC & Morrisville Business Assoc Sidewalk Car Show!  Bridge Street, Morrisville will be shot down for the show. Details TBA 

Oct 8: Brits at the Village, Lahaska, PA, details TBA 

Oct 15; The Dog Event! Washington Crossing Park; NJ-side. Details TBA 

Nov/Dec: C & C’s are weather-permitting, but please plan on early Dec for our BCBC Holiday Party at Café Antonio’s.  

NOTE: Driving events will include trips to Van Sant Aerodrome, covered bridge  drive w/lunch, Villa Milegros Winery, a Princeton Battlefield tour, and similar.  Your suggestions and ideas are very welcome! 

We’ll see you Saturday, at our May 14 C & C!  


Andrew Lubin Mike Stein Gerard Dangelo Marc Waldman  Tel: 215 584 2595 215 378 0912 215 539 3212 215 920 7345

**From our new BCBC Official Poet Jean** 

So much depends  


a green soft-top  


glazed with rain  


beside a hot momma