Newsletter #39  

January 20, 2021 

Our Next Event: 

Jan 23; Cars & Coffee!  

Morrisville; 0830-1000 

Recent Events: 

Alas, your BCBC Leadership been remiss and there were none. Between the bitter weather, the holidays, and virus concerns, it’s been a challenging past few weeks.  But no longer!! We’ve got the first Cars & Coffee of 2021 scheduled for Saturday;  we look forward to seeing you!! 

The show season may be as sad as last year, so we’ll soon have a schedule of  BCBC events, both driving and C & C’s. We’ll be active in 2021! 

Club Notes: 

1-The upcoming MG 2021 in Atlantic City: We’ve already got interest from a few of you; some for a day trip, some for an overnight. While there’s plenty of time, if  we need to book rooms, let’s start thinking about it. 

2-British Parts Suppliers: OK, Vic-Brit is gone. Now we have disinterested Moss  service, Chinese parts that catch fire, and shipments that are both slow to leave  Moss plus expensive. Who’s left? We recommend:  

British Racing Green, Newark, DE. A Moss distributor, huge inventory. Same day  shipment, plus 5-10% discount to Moss if you buy off his website. Charges actual  shipping cost. Jim Knight. 

Or if you’re buying expensive stuff, there’s Moss UK. I just bought a rear wiring  harness and a fancy steering wheel for my B, and their prices – after the bank beat  me on the F/x and TNT-FedEx air shipment, I still saved in excess of $ 105. Moss 

UK shipping was only $44.00, and they shipped quicker and it arrived quicker than  my last several shipments from Moss VA. 

Jonathan Fay:  

Tel: 011-44-20 8867 2103 

BCBC Apparel:  

Valentine’s Day 2021 approaches: what better way to demonstrate your love to  wife or g/f than BCBC apparel for her? Or maybe your significant other will buy  one for you!  

∙ 1 zip-up blue Hoodie, XL 

∙ 1 gray T, XL, with new logo! 

∙ 1 Gray T, L 

Contact Andy L today 

Upcoming Events: 

Let’s hope the vaccine rollout improves, and we have a 2021 show season. April?  May? Or not; in which case BCBC common sense will win out and we’ll hold our  own 2021 season. Here are the events scheduled as of today: 

Jan 23: Cars & Coffee! Morrisville, 0830-1000, our usual spot.  June 5; Hope Lodge, Fort Washington 

June 13; Keystone MG British Car Show, Hellertown, PA 

June 14-17: National MG Show: Atlantic City, NJ

July 3; Rebels vs. Redcoats! Washington Crossing Park, PA 

Oct 16: The Dog Event! Washington Crossing Park, NJ 

No Dates Announced: New Hope, Bucks County College Autism Show

Andrew Lubin Mike Stein Gerard D’Angelo Marc Waldman  Tel: 215 584 2595 215 378 0912 215 539 3212 215 920 7345