Our Next Event: 

Newsletter #41  

July 21, 2021 

Our Next Event: 

VFW Car Show  

Sunday July 25, 0930-1500  

1114 Yardley-Newtown Rd, Yardley 

My apologies for the recent dearth of newsletters. I had some work that was a serious time-suck. But now the show season is back, we have great driving  weather, and BCBC is ready to rock 2021! 

Welcome Aboard!! 

A hearty BCBC welcome to our newest members: 

• Alex Kromer, Warrington, PA, 1960 Morris Minor 1000 

• Steve McDowell, Woodbridge, VA, 1979 MGB  

• Gillian Fisher, Fanwood, NJ, 1977 MGB 

• T.R. ‘Prince’ George, Ewing, NJ, Mini-Cooper 

• Roger Williams, Princeton, NJ, Jaguar XJS  


Edmund Fenton, M.D., son of Brendan & Carol Fenton, was just commissioned an  officer in the U.S. Air Force. Based at Eglin AFB, Destin, Fl, we wish Capt Fenton an exciting tour, and kudos to Brendan and Carol for their outstanding parenting!  

Recent Events: 

July 11, Cars & Coffee, Morrisville: As opposed to our frozen Feb C & C when  our 5 hardcore members turned up, 11 BCBC’ers enjoyed the coffee and donuts  provided by Mike S on a warm Sunday morning. And OMG; MGA Bob G  appeared with his long-rumored MGA for Jeff D, Gerard, Marc, Rich, Andy L,  Andy K, Larry T, Mike S, Brendan, and Mike R to appreciate. And how cool that 

T.R. ‘Prince” George drove by in his #66 Mini, was awed by our cars, and then  stopped to chat and promptly joined-up!  

July 5: Rebels v Redcoats, Washington Crossing Park: 

They did it! Jennifer and Denise from the Park Foundation got permission from the  State to have a show – and what a show it was! 133 or so registered cars, more  spectators then ever; and to no one’s surprise, BCBC had the largest club  contingent registered, as Mike S, Larry R, John G, Marc, MGA Jeff, Gerard, Mike  R, Todd (with his vintage Landrover!), Brendan, Jeff D, and Andy L enjoyed the  day and some stunning cars. And how cool that Steve McDowell, Gillian Fisher,  and Roger Williams wandered by and also joined-up! 

Our Lumberton Kitchen Drive: 

April 18: one of the best events we’ve had in some time. Marc & Mary -Lori &  Gerard-Andy & Day – Marty & Teri – Brendan – Mike S – Joe P – Jeff C – Rich – Larry T & nephew Chas – Andy L enjoyed a lovely drive along the Delaware and  an awesome breakfast with good friends! 

Those Morgan owners were surely envious of what BCBC hath wrought. We’ll be  going back soon…maybe for our Sept 19 drive we’ll do a breakfast there and then  motor-up to Van Sant Aerodrome? 

Atlantic City MG Extravaganza: June 14-17: Larry R and Jeff & Mary D attended;  the following PDF of photos courtesy of Jeff & Mary. 

WW2 Aircraft Fly-in: On June 13 a small contingent of BCBC’ers drove to  Mercer County Airport to see a few of the remaining Army Air Force planes that  were instrumental in winning WW2. Gerard – Mike R – Mike S – Jeff C – Rich H  – Marc enjoyed seeing planes who were instrumental in saving democracy. And  we whine about the mechanical and electrical issues of our cars… 

Club Notes: 

1-Our Cars & Coffee SOP: 

Since we formed BCBC some 5+ years ago, with few exceptions the same people  have been funding our C & C’s. This year’s events have been hosted by Leslie,  Larry R, Andy L, and Mike S. If you’ve been attending the C & C’s, but not  hosting, now’s your time to step up. As Wilfred Brimsley used to say “It’s the right  thing to do.” Contact Andy L. 

2-Quality Parts Suppliers:  

We’ve got a new mantra: “Anyone But Moss,” but with Jim Knight/BRG retiring,  suppliers who offer that old-fashioned blend of prices-service-quality parts are  hard to find. But we are pleased to remind you of these two, with whom several of  us have built good relationships:  

Sports Car Parts Ltd, Rockford, TN. 865-659-4386. Rob Garrison. 

In business 10+ years, knows his stuff, plus his daily driver is an MGB. A Moss  distributor, but he also sources parts from the EU. I’ve bought $ 1700+ worth of  parts from him w/o any shipping or quality issues. A discount to Moss prices, real  shipping costs, same day/next day shipment. SCP’s is a first-class operation with  parts for MGA-B-C-TD, Midgets-Sprites-TR-3, Jaguar. 

The Roadster Factory, Armagh, PA. 800-678-8764. 

UK-sourced parts for MGB and Triumph, altho we’ve received some OEM from  Denmark, Australia, and Mexico. Gerard and I recently bought some parts from  them that were 45% cheaper than Moss. Same day/next day shipment plus real  shipping costs. A first-class operation who supports British cars, clubs, and events. 

Note: I bought a membership in the TRF Club since it offers a $ 25 discount every  month for PO’s larger than $ 75.00. SO…look at their website for what you need,  call me, and we’ll group-up our orders and use the $ 25 / monthly proportionally.

There’s no need to buy parts from Moss that catch fire, melt, don’t fit, or take  forever to ship while you’re being charged extra for the privilege of being a Moss  customer – let’s use SCP and TRF instead! 

3- BCBC Apparel:  

• 1 logo’d blue Hoodie, XL 

• 2 gray T’s w/logo; XL, L 

• 1 Blue BCBC logo’d polo shirt, L 

Contact Andy L today 

Upcoming Events: 

July 25, VFW Show, 1114 Yardley-Newtown Rd, Yardley. Free, 0930-1500.  We’ll convoy from Gerard’s @ 0915. RSVP 

Aug 7; Hope Lodge British Cars & Motorcycles; Fort Washington, PA.  RSVP so we can arrange a convoy.!event-register/2021/8/7/cars-motorcycles-of-england

Aug 15 (Sun): A BCBC drive to Warwick Farm Microbrewery, Jamison. A scenic  drive to microbeers and awesome foodtrucks! We’ll leave from Wash Crossing  Park 1130. They need a headcount, so RSVP. 

Aug 22: BCBC Cars & Coffee! Wash Crossing Park, 0830-1000. 

Sept 4-5-6. Labor Day Weekend; BCBC Labor Day Party!!  

Locale-Date-Time TBA 

Sept 11 (Sat): Wings & Wheels! Blue Bell, PA. Their 30th annual show. We’ll be  situated w/vintage planes and Mike S said only 1 British car appeared at the last  show – an opportune time for us to get the word out! Lots of spectators, food  choices, military recruiters, and the like. A big fundraiser for Angel Flight East. 

Sept 19 (Sun): A Drive to Lumberton Kitchen & Van Sant Aerodrome Oct 2, Sat, Autism Car Show, Bucks County CC, Newtown. Details TBA

Oct 9, Brits at the Village, Lahaska. Details TBA 

Oct 16: The Dog Event! Washington Crossing Park, NJ. Details TBA. Oct 17-Dec 31: TBA 

We’ll see you at the VFW Show!  


Andrew Lubin Mike Stein Gerard Dangelo Marc Waldman  Tel: 215 584 2595 215 378 0912 215 539 3212 215 920 7345 

Our July Cars & Coffee: (L-R): Jeff D, Gerard, Marc, Rich, Andy L,  Andy K, Larry T, Mike S, Brendan, Mike R, MGA John 

Following is Jeff & Mary’s photo montage from the Atlantic City extravaganza,  along with a tech article from Steve McDowell. Your BCBC Newsletter editor  thanks you for your submissions!

Securing the Radiator Temperature Sensor On Your MGB 

By Steve McDowell (1979 MGB) 

One (there seem to be several) weak engineering designs of the MGB is the radiator temp sensor mount and keeping it place. If you ever had one blow out, or had sleepless nights worrying about it, then you  know what I mean. Besides the Moss retaining clip, and never reusing the bush seal you can rest better  at night by adding two zip ties crisscross through the radiator to lock it in place.