Feb 20: Cars & Coffee! Wash Crossing Park; PA side. 0830-1000, our usual

spot. If the weather cooperates, we’ll turn this into drive that starts at Wash
Crossing Park. Details TBA

March 6: Cars & Coffee/Driving event. Subject weather. Details TBA

March 20: “ “ “ “

April 3: Cars & Coffee/Driving event. Subject weather. Details TBA

April 20: “ “ “

May 22-30; 25th Annual British Car Week. BCBC will do something; details TBA

June 5; Red Mill British Car Show, Clinton, NJ.

June 14-17: National MG Show: Atlantic City, NJ

July 3; Rebels vs. Redcoats! Washington Crossing Park, PA

Aug 7; Hope Lodge British Cars & Motorcycles, Fort Washington, PA.
(yes, they’ve already rescheduled from June 5)

Oct 16: The Dog Event! Washington Crossing Park, NJ. Details TBA.

** No Dates Announced: New Hope, Bucks County College Autism Show
** Show listings are accurate as of 1 Feb, 2021: